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How to Install Chameleon 2.0 RC1 to USB

Create USB Chameleon 2 Boot stick
Format your usb in GUID Mac Journaled —– via Utilities–>Disk Utility

Convert your OSX DVD in to a OSX USB install

Install OSX from USB stick/pen drive

Convert Snow Leopard DMG to a USB installer

Hackintosh Hardware Compatibility Lists

OSx86 Project – the undisputed leader in information regarding OS X on x86 hardware and Apple’s Intel transition. Open since 2005, the OSx86 Project offers users a place to trade and share information about OSx86 and the various hardware needed to run it; a virtual Wikipedia of OSx86 resources.

Get OSX running in your Machine , see if it is compatible

Booting IPC OSX86 LIVE DVD - Hackintosh

When Booting Press F8
then follow the video , Ram used for this = 2G

Hackintosh How to Backup your Kexts n Kernel n Restore it

OSX86tools Download

Triple Boot Laptop Mac OSX, Windows 7 and Linux Mint

How was this done ?

First need to create 2 partions , one in FAT (to be detected by OSX)

Install OSX Leopard , and Chameleon as boot Loader

After, install Windows 7 , and use EasyBCD to add OSX to the boot.

Then install Linux Mint from Windows using MINT4WIN (find it inside Mind CD/ISO)

You Will have a Triple Boot Machine ! Enjoy

Laptop Used : Acer Aspire 5634 Wlmi 120GB HD – 2G Ram

install iAtkos S3 Snow Leopard Video Tutorial

in this video you will learn how to install iAtkos S3 Snow Leopard to a new Hard Drive , in this video was used a external HD , customization is different PC to PC , so the options chosen can not be equal for your machine .

Hackintosh Mac Edition Bios project for PC

This Project has as intent to show the world that its naturally possible to any normal person to install OSX into their machines, facilitating the process of doing so by emulating computer environments that will let the user do so easier.

Gigabyte Mac Edition BIOS

cartri.net developed several custom bios for these Gigabyte Motherboards :

Motherboard: Group:
GA-EP43-DS3L Group 1 v0.8
GA-EP43-DS3LR Group 1 v0.8
GA-EP43-S3L Group 1 v0.8
GA-EP43-UD3L Group 1 v0.8
GA-EP43-US3L Group 1 v0.8
GA-EP43T-ES3G Group 1 v0.8
GA-EP43T-S3L Group 1 v0.8
GA-EP43T-UD3L Group 1 v0.8
GA-EP43T-USB3 Group 1 v0.8
GA-EP45-DS3L Group 1 v0.8
GA-EP45-DS3LR Group 1 v0.8
GA-EP45-UD3L Group 1 v0.8
GA-EP45-UD3LR Group 1 v0.8
GA-EP45T-UD3LR Group 1 v0.8
GA-EP43C-DS3 Group 2 v0.8
GA-EP45-UD3 Group 2 v0.8
GA-EP45-UD3R Group 2 v0.8
GA-EP45C-UD3R Group 2 v0.8
GA-EP45T-UD3R Group 2 v0.8

GA-EP45C-DS3 Group 3 v0.8
GA-EP45T-DS3 Group 3 v0.8

GA-EP45-DS3R Group 4 v0.8
GA-EP45-UD3P v1.x EXCEPT 1.6 Group 4 v0.8
GA-EP45-UD3P2 (UD3P v1.6 only) Group 4 v0.8
GA-EP45C-DS3R Group 4 v0.8
GA-EP45T-DS3R Group 4 v0.8
GA-EP45T-UD3P Group 4 v0.8
GA-EP45T-USB3 Group 4 v0.8
GA-EP45-DS3P Group 5 v0.8
GA-EP45-DS4 Group 5 v0.8
GA-EP45-DS4P Group 5 v0.8
GA-EP45-EXTREME Group 5 v0.8
GA-EP45T-EXTREME Group 5 v0.8

All About cartri.net n bios downloads

iAntares OSX 10.6.3 V2.2

version (v2.2), while retainingv2.0 , based on the increase for AMD users can enter the installation interface to modify the probability, not very different installation options (the difference between the specific instructions below) mainlyit compatible with as many platforms as possible can use the CD-ROM installation guide, here are gratefultired of white hair and blackbrothers and AMD help me in the test in his pre-boot, thanks thanks. This version of the “declaration”, the same as v2.0.

If you previously used can properly enter the installation interface v2.0, then download the v2.2 have basically no difference, you can not download.

Maybe v2.2 will again let you down, you can install, not on behalf of others can be installed; Similarly, you can not install, not on behalf of others can not be installed. So please think twice before downloading,no one forced you to download and use, once you download it to use, all the consequences from downloaders own, remember!

Unless the pre-SL to be able to find a system modification method, otherwise,v2.2 package is probably the system Ireceived for the hills. At present the knowledge in this area has reached the limit, I only know how to package the resources collected, do not know how to develop, modify third-party driver patch.

[Translated from Chinese by Google]

Here how to burn ISO file iAntares OSX 10.6.3 V2.2 after download

iAntares OSX V2.2 installation Options

So if you are curious about iAntares customizations , here you can see a preview about the available options :

How To Clone your OS X Lion Hackintosh

How To Clone your OS X Lion Hackintosh to a External HDD , and boot from it, very usefull to do all the tests without damage your primary install .

The image was created before and I keep it as a backup.
In order to create your image , just select your install and copy to disk image (select desired name) .

We are cloning an image from my primary install to a external HDD, after SupperDuper we need to make it bootable with Chameleon bootloader .

Now let’s boot from USB External HDD

How to transform iAtkos DVD in to iAtkos USB installation

Learn how to convert iAtkos DVD to USB .

Now let`s make it bootable and try it !

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