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Hackintosh Mac Edition Bios project for PC

This Project has as intent to show the world that its naturally possible to any normal person to install OSX into their machines, facilitating the process of doing so by emulating computer environments that will let the user do so easier.

Gigabyte Mac Edition BIOS

cartri.net developed several custom bios for these Gigabyte Motherboards :

Motherboard: Group:
GA-EP43-DS3L Group 1 v0.8
GA-EP43-DS3LR Group 1 v0.8
GA-EP43-S3L Group 1 v0.8
GA-EP43-UD3L Group 1 v0.8
GA-EP43-US3L Group 1 v0.8
GA-EP43T-ES3G Group 1 v0.8
GA-EP43T-S3L Group 1 v0.8
GA-EP43T-UD3L Group 1 v0.8
GA-EP43T-USB3 Group 1 v0.8
GA-EP45-DS3L Group 1 v0.8
GA-EP45-DS3LR Group 1 v0.8
GA-EP45-UD3L Group 1 v0.8
GA-EP45-UD3LR Group 1 v0.8
GA-EP45T-UD3LR Group 1 v0.8
GA-EP43C-DS3 Group 2 v0.8
GA-EP45-UD3 Group 2 v0.8
GA-EP45-UD3R Group 2 v0.8
GA-EP45C-UD3R Group 2 v0.8
GA-EP45T-UD3R Group 2 v0.8

GA-EP45C-DS3 Group 3 v0.8
GA-EP45T-DS3 Group 3 v0.8

GA-EP45-DS3R Group 4 v0.8
GA-EP45-UD3P v1.x EXCEPT 1.6 Group 4 v0.8
GA-EP45-UD3P2 (UD3P v1.6 only) Group 4 v0.8
GA-EP45C-DS3R Group 4 v0.8
GA-EP45T-DS3R Group 4 v0.8
GA-EP45T-UD3P Group 4 v0.8
GA-EP45T-USB3 Group 4 v0.8
GA-EP45-DS3P Group 5 v0.8
GA-EP45-DS4 Group 5 v0.8
GA-EP45-DS4P Group 5 v0.8
GA-EP45-EXTREME Group 5 v0.8
GA-EP45T-EXTREME Group 5 v0.8

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