terça-feira, 12 de junho de 2012

Hackintosh Lion OS X on SSD

Running iAtkos L2

SSD from Dealextreme
KINGSPEC 2.5″ 16GB SATA II SSD/Solid State Drive

- Brand: KingSpec
- Color: White
- Provides high reliability and high performance
- Interface: SATA II
- Memory type: MLC-NAND Flash
- Capacity: 16GB
- Voltage: 5V +/- 5%
- Power: 2.0W/0.5W (operating/non-operating)
- Temperature: 0′C to 70′C / -40′C~85′C (operating/non-operating)
- Shock: 3000GM
- Vibration: 20G
- Sequential read: 110Mbps, 120Mbps, 155Mbps, 172Mbps, 134Mbps
- Sequential write: 37Mbps, 58Mbps, 89Mbps, 94Mbps, 97Mbps, 99Mbps

Price: $37.70

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